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Welcome to the Revolution.

At the fundamental and ultimate level, the Think and Act . Earth foundation is a propagation of (by way of a presentation of the ideas behind and supporting towards):

Global Access Network

and stands as an ever-emerging virtual invitation to this effort.

T&A.E’s “Think” project: United Citizens of Earth (UCE) is an invitation to think ourselves towards the collective action of T&A.E’s “Act” project: Freeing Systems. UCE supports that intention by virtually engaging as the expansive, fundamental, and by-any-informative-means necessary invitation towards the overall recognition/s required to cultivate the foundational element of symbiotic, regenerative, and self sustainability that is the Global Access Network. These values supported by UCE are the value of this moment, this planet, and this socioeconomic system (the systems by which we engage this planet) that we either choose and co-create or is chosen and created for us. Learn more about this project here.

T&A.E’s “Act” project: Freeing Systems Co.™ comes after one has recognized the values of the moment, the earth, and the access (or lack thereof) system that are supported by T&A.E’s “Think” project: UCE. Freeing Systems Co.™, then, is a focused access point of solution and action based information and products offerings for the propagation of free/direct symbiotic and, ultimately, universal access to systems that free towards the foundational establishment of Global Access Network. Learn more about this project here.

The Mission

Engaging Technical Efficiency & Restorative Sustainability for Integral Wellness

Technical Efficiency: Make it work.

Restorative Sustainability: Make it last by supporting it and all the systems that support it.

Integral Wellness: “It,” on every level, for everyone, and as a wholeness.

Integral Wellness is not a way of being, it’s a directive for co-creation that systematically (with technical efficiency and restorative sustainability) supports every level of self awareness towards an authentic experience of wellness on every level and as a wholeness. The emphasis of “integral” is on the constant cultivation of the “parts” of self within the overall experience of all-ness, constantly intending to bring those elemental textures of wellness into an overall ever-expansively richer texture of wellness that is all-encompassing. Another way to say this is nourishing all parts within and towards an all-inclusive wholeness, something similar to the only physically referential, universal source we have as humans…the experience within the womb. <3

The fundamental efforts of this work/play is cultivating a Global Access Network by way of optimally efficient homesteading (i.e. the cultivation of ever emerging, systematically easeful, direct access to fundamental needs and restoratively sustainable wants) and global outreach (to further optimize the homesteading systems implemented by way of open sourced, integrated, global, & “casually”-scientific [physically referent and verifiable, casually in that it can still be integrated even without the more meticulous steps of academic science that uses various measures specific to the field, like control groups for science, and is based in information that is often difficult to access for free and the like] information accumulation, to further establish the permanence of the homesteading systems created and the systems that those systems are based upon [like the earth system], and to expand the network of people interested, engaging, and acting directly towards these ends).

Both of these efforts require dynamic access to resources (land, tools, money) that we are dynamically engaging at this time, and thus, meanwhile, we are also taking the step we can with our virtual (a.k.a. the project requiring the least amount of resources) invitation.

All the same, while this virtual effort is purely the presentation of the ideas behind and supporting towards this work, it is important to understand that there are many many other – and by some cognitive-dissonance-engaging-qualifying ends, more effective ways to invite others into this Homesteading for Globall Access Network play that can only be done as a collective in-person or as a documentation of what happened in-person. That is, in the direct expression and experience of the culture of this work.

So, by that understanding, by the work of Freeing Systems we’re visiting as many communities, home-bases, and aligning communal events (like permaculture meetups, transformational festivals, and conscious cafe’s) as we can to hold an organic in-person cultural invitation to the cultivation of a Global Access Network. We are also documenting into a quasi-integrated database (calling all coders!!) what we learn about the manifestation of integral homesteading by way of these in-person efforts and other research processes we organically engage. This network is in the process of growing and there are a several places and people aligning with this work and in conversation with us to further its manifestation, however the network itself will not be made to be online until it is truly strong enough to be able to be virtually transparent.

We are also, as United Citizens of Earth, virtually supplementing (with an ever-emerging resource base of relevant general information) and engaging the online conversation towards this work/play from as many angles as possible as often as possible through various means like weekly podcasts, social media (news, education, & entertainment), and literary works.

Eventually the plan is to meticulously create the in-person invitations into in-person productions (presentations, performances, products) which could potentially be used to further receive access to the resources needed for the direct optimized homestead and in-person global outreach, but we’re still in the process of building up our production team for this step.

For now, we are this website – the information supporting towards and underlying Freedom-Access cultivation, and this potential ability to come to you and discuss the realization of these ideas with you. So contact us at ThinkandActEarth (at) protonmail (dot) com if you feel the pull.

About the co-creating team/s

The project United Citizens of Earth started in mid 2015 as a unifying initiative of activists and movements the world over. It has grown immensely since it’s inception both in content and following, and has had over 84,000 likes and over a million a week reach on facebook before FB began censoring and deleting alternative media & community pages by the facade of preventing “spam” a.k.a. information that doesn’t go along with the corporate status quo, as well as they changed the consumer / producer algorithms, meaning if you do not pay to advertise you are a consumer, and that means less allowable reach through the programming. We have Never paid for advertising on FB as of yet, so we are considered a “consumer” based page until we conform to their bullshit. The FB page has had a dynamic admin team, with as many as 40 multi-roled co-creators. However, this was only a beginning as we are just now preparing to start engaging our growing audience with unique weekly content and even clearer solution-oriented content bridging, with expression through multiple social media accounts and through our website and subscription email options.

The act project Freeing System is a co-created open-information and product-offering business initiative fundamentally occuring between two members. It started in 2017 as an evolution of the previous incarnation of T&A.E’s act project: Our Integral Home. To learn more about this act initiative go to this page.

The foundation Think and Act . Earth is the newest of all the projects and exists as the umbrella for the other two.

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