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FSCo is

a communication, consultation, and co-creation cooperative

of individuals and organizations

who have committed to working together to

systematically free ourselves, others, and ultimately all

towards an ever emergent symbiotic experience of global home.

We gather around the simple concept:

What systems can we implement in this particular environment within which we have gathered / gathered-around to support freeing what we all

(all the people involved with an intention towards a public all – meaning the commons)

need and symbiotically want?

We engage this concept by cultivating, discovering, and supporting

technically optimized

symbiotically regenerative access to

food, water, shelter, power, tools-of-production, and mobility

on every scale:

urban, suburban, rural, and mobile with DIY, product, and even inspiration based (still in development phases) of experientially/objectively verified tools, methods and processes

– all of this without any form of indebtitude for access to these resources / resource abilities.

Here are some examples of the systems we have engaged through developing, discovering, and some with implementation.  


Online Course – Greenhouse of abundance and food self-sufficiency

Greenhouse of abundance and food self-sufficiency is a captivating and formative online course where the best information and tools are provided so that all may create their own oasis as well as a self-sufficient and [...]

If you’d like to free with us or would like our support to free within one of your projects as a partnership with FSCo, then please contact us here.

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Cheers to Global Home Symbiotically for All!