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T&A:E’s Act project: Freeing Systems™ is a collective initiative and cooperative company that supports the many actions to be taken within implementing freeing systems for yourself and /or for other’s collective engagement. These actions would be a result of one having already recognized the values of the moment, the earth, and the access (or lack thereof) system – insights that are supported by T&A.E’s “Think” project: UCE.

Freeing Systems, then is a meticulously focused access point of solution and action based information and product offering-based applications for the propagation of free/direct, symbiotic and, ultimately, universal access to systems that free towards the foundational establishment of:

Global Access Network

Under Freeing Systems there are three interconnected main projects:

Freeing Access, Freeing Flow, & Freeing Thinking.


This access is on every scale: urban, suburban, rural, and mobile with DIY, product, and even inspiration based (still in development phases) of experientially/objectively verified tools, methods and processes for access to basic needs and regeneratively sustainable wants like food, water, shelter, power, production, and ability to travel to other access bases – all of this without any form of indebtitude for access to these resources / resource abilities.

The establishment of networked global free access-bases. This will be done by the implementation and endless emergence of optimized systems, many of which will mimic and support forest environments (agroforestry / food forests) that will also support the balancing of the climate through mitigating carbon and other things that are currently out of balance creating the global increasingly destructive experience of climate change.


The steps to get to this realization of this potential that we are taking, aka our “product offerings,” are the offering of various dynamically individualized systems for access.





Humanure – Composting Toilet

Learn more here with a book that includes a review of the historical, cultural and environmental issues pertaining to "human waste," as well as an in depth look at the potential health risks related to [...]


Pedal-powered Washing Machine

  Still in the prototype phase, this pedal-powered washing machine has great potential in rural areas where washing clothes by hand is very time-consuming and inefficient. Learn more here.   Save

To get an individualized consultation, support, and potentially even a co-created implementation of the systems and connections that we’ve discovered over the years, please engage our Freeing Access product here.


The goal is the physical and virtual experience of global access through access-bases inspiration, optimization, and networking.


However, we also understand that it isn’t solely the technical reality that needs to be introduced to further realize our collective global wellness, but we must also engage methods of inspiration and support to get people to become more and more available to being inspired and engaging in the application of these systems.


The presentation and offering through the mediums of consultations, workshops, presentations, and performances of the various elements that could be used to support this wellness orienting, systems optimizing flow that are based in universal physical referents and various psychological and behavioral studies research is our product offering Freeing Flow, learn more and engage this product offering here.


The ultimate goal is the implementation of direct access flow spaces globally – the new and free “club/lounge/spa” that is oriented towards cultivating social wellness, wellness centers/spaces that understand the value of direct access and systematic orientation towards a globally realized collective freedom.




Once flow is supported toward the active engage of implementing freeing systems, then the next and final product offering of Freeing Systems is the discovery and application of research and interpretation of what’s already out there to be applied towards gaining direct access most efficiently. This is also a major element of the first element of ThinkandAct.Earth, this is Freeing Thinking.


The steps to freeing thinking is the process of supporting, with resources and discernment techniques, critical thinking based in objective verification and effective application towards the ends of applying freeing systems for all.


The ultimate goal for this is the creation of a universally accessible well integrated virtual database of all information in existence that can be used to effectively reference concepts and build upon ideas in relationship to what has been proven and the many layers therein.

We have begun the development of this database on our think page here, however we’re very clear that we must have more efficient systems for the realization of this initiative and are hoping to work with people who are more capable with coding and technical framing in the very near future.


Public growth transparency statement:

Previously T&A.E’s “think” project was “Our Integral Home”. However, by way of our relentless commitment to authentically effective processes that makes integral sense to all co-creators involved and after much honest reflection we’ve realized that Our Integral Home is actually the result of the actions we seek to inspire, support, and engage. The actions to get to that result is actually, then, the implementation of freeing systems towards that end. Since understanding this we have adjusted our projects accordingly and hope that you can continue to journey with us within the evolution towards home for all by the enslavement of none.