Not a day goes by in the virtual realm of social media that you do not see at least one post about “geo-engineering, chemtrails, HAARP, CERN, etc”.
You might even be well versed in science literacy and/or in the correlating studies in this topic and therefore know what these terms truly imply already and therefore i hope you still understand there is some confusion within the general population about their meanings due to disinformation campaigns, propaganda and gullible ignorance. Or you might be part of the vast majority who are just about totally clueless as to this subject and/or why disinformation is being spread around within this topic just like the “flat earth” disinformation counter-intelligence campaign.
Either way we all see the posts showing scary looking chemical tanks on military planes, or the crisscrossing contrails being claimed as poisoning, or how HAARP antenna’s are manipulating the weather, or how CERN is going to blow up the world or make a black hole or be a “portal” to another dimension, and so on.
Is there any validity and merit to these claims?
Let’s figure it out:

First off let’s point out that you can consider cloud seeding, crop dusting and aerial smoke displays as “geo-engineering”, but that is not what is often implied when we are seeing specific claims of “chemtrails”, or HAARP weather manipulation, etc.
It is safe to assume then that most of these people who make such claims seemingly just do not understand what this term “geo-enginering” actually implies.
What the term actually means:

Geo-engineering is the idea that, rather than deal with the insane amounts of pollution we are spewing into the air, people can just engineer a solution (which usually involves spewing other kinds of pollution) to solve global warming.

In August 2009 the Institute of Mechanical Engineers called for a ten million pound government project to investigate potential geo-engineering technologies. In September of that year New Scientist printed an opinion piece “Geoengineering is no longer unmentionable.” It’s interesting to note that the price-tag attached to some geo-engineering proposals lies within the range of eccentric millionaires, rather than world governments.

Geoengineering proposals range from ideas that could be feasible some day to “ideas” that wouldn’t pass muster with the craziest Bond villain. While some use of geo-engineering may be necessary (and even then, we should study it further to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks), claims by some that it will suddenly end the problem of climate change altogether are simply science woo; the environmental equivalent of snake oil. According to a recent study released in 2013, starting geo-engineering and then stopping could also “dangerously accelerate climate change.”

The study also found that warming would be faster in the Northern Hemisphere compared with the Southern Hemisphere, and that if geoengineering were used to suppress an even more dramatic warming scenario — say, 2 percent annual increases in CO2 concentrations — the rapid climate changes would be even faster after an abrupt suspension of the experiment.

If such a scenario were to occur we might have not enough time to adapt to such drastic ecological changes.
In terms of adaptation, the rate of climate change might be more important than how much the climate changes, said Alan Robock, a climate scientist at Rutgers University who ran some of the models for the study.

“The ability of ecosystems to respond can be compromised if the changes are too rapid,” the authors wrote in the study.

And for animals attuned to particular environments, the consequences could be particularly extreme even fatal.

Geoengineering comes with an encyclopedia of moral, ethical and legal questions. And although our current rate of global warming worries many scientists, it’s also a warming we know a lot more about, can adapt to reasonably well and can predict with reasonable accuracy.

Right now, according to Ben Kravitz of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, who also helped run some of the study’s models, very little is known about geoengineering. Scientists don’t yet know an SRM experiment that would actually work, for example, let alone what some of the secondary effects of such an experiment would be.

“Right now, in my opinion, there’s no evidence that geoengineering is less risky than global warming,” Robock said.

“If you could control it, you could gradually stop it and reduce the rate of emissions gradually over a decade or two; that would make the climate changes smaller while you were doing it,” he added. “But that assumes that it could be controlled and it would all be done rationally. It might be much more rational to not do it in the first place.”

The authors said one of the main messages to take from the study is that, if we ever do try geoengineering, don’t suddenly stop doing it one day.

Now that we have the proper definition and application of that term we can focus upon some of the stuff pertaining to this subject that we often see on the interwebnets and attempt to understand what is actually going on.

The main thing we still see floating around social media, mostly with blind and arrogant vitriol, even though being thoroughly debunked, is the subject of “chemtrails”.
The first few times I heard about “chemtrails”, my reaction was “you can’t be serious.” But the people who spread this are seemingly very serious. They are generally people who have already accepted the conspiracy theory mindset, where everything that they don’t like or don’t understand is immediate proof of some big government conspiracy. And that is in no way to say that governments do not commit extreme atrocities and cover them up, they most certainly do, all the time.
But there’s an even bigger factor at work here: science illiteracy. The first thing that pops in my mind reading their strange ideas is “does this person know how to use the Internet to fact check?”.
The fastest rebuttal I give when I run into one of these discussions is: “Do you even understand the first thing about our atmosphere? Anything released at 30,000  feet will blow for miles away from where you see it, and has virtually no chance of settling straight down onto the people below, and be so diluted it would have no measurable amount of the chemical by the time it lands. That’s why crop-dusting planes must fly barely 30 feet off the ground so their dust won’t blow too far away from the crops!”

“The entire chemtrail conspiracy idea is a relatively recent one, and an idea that would not have become so popular without the ability of the internet to spread lies. As this site shows, it was an idea that was simmering among conspiracy theorists in the 1990s when one person in particular, William Thomas, made it popular back in 1996. By 1997-1999, he was trying to spread his ideas through interviews and media coverage and early conspiracy internet sites, and gotten many believers to buy in to his bizarre fantasy. Then in 1999, he was featured on Paranormal Central, Art Bell’s show on Coast to Coast radio. If there is any fast way to reach the mob of UFO nuts, paranormal fanatics,  and conspiracy theorists besides the internet, Art Bell’s show is the place. Soon the phenomenon exploded far beyond William Thomas or Art Bell, and became a widely accepted idea among the people who tune in to the paranormal or the conspiracy mindset.”

So what are these supposed “chemtrails”?
Allegedly, they are different from normal contrails produced by aircraft, and allegedly they contain some sort of evil chemical that the government conspiracy is trying to poison us with. Normal contrails are something we do understand, because there has been lots of research on them. Many aircraft engines leave a plume of hot gases and vapor from the hydrocarbons in the fuel they burn, and in the subfreezing conditions of the upper troposphere or stratosphere, those hot gases immediately condense to form long vapor clouds behind the plane as it flies. If there are high-altitudes winds or the jet stream is active, they disperse quickly, but often they remain stable for many minutes. Contrails were observed almost as soon as aircraft were able to fly at that elevation, and they are well documented in videos and photos of World War II aircraft, long before any of the current governments that are allegedly conspiring to do this were even in power.

As RationalWiki describes it:
“On days when cirrus cloud formation is occurring, there is more moisture in the upper atmosphere, and consequently, contrails may linger longer before evaporating. Since cirrus clouds often precede a general overcast or haze, the casual observer could easily assume that the contrails have caused the overcast, or become the overcast. The persistence of contrails varies with weather conditions: sometimes they dissipate almost immediately, but often they will persist for hours, with crossing trails sometimes forming gridlike patterns that stretch from horizon to horizon. The “chemtrails” label is usually applied to these longer contrails, with their very persistence put forward as “evidence” that they cannot be normal contrails.”

So let’s discuss exactly what a contrail is. A condensation trail, also called a vapor trail, forms at altitudes above 25,000 feet in temperatures below -40 degrees when engine exhaust condenses into ice crystals, creating an artificial cirrus cloud. Water is produced by hydrocarbon burning engines in about the same quantity as fuel consumed, and in the right conditions, this extra addition of water into the air pushes the water vapor past the saturation point, and condensation occurs. It takes a moment to happen, which accounts for the contrail appearing a short distance behind the aircraft, rather than immediately, like you’d see from a smoke pod on an aerobatic plane, or like when a crop duster releases chemicals. Contrails can also be caused at high altitudes by the extreme low pressure areas created by wingtip vortices, which reduce the temperature enough to condense the existing moisture in the air.

If you’re not familiar with the term,”chemtrails” are what some conspiracy theorists call aircraft condensation trails. Most of them don’t believe that conventional contrails exist, and that when you see one, you’re actually seeing a trail of mysterious airborne chemicals sprayed from the aircraft.
Some “chemtrail” believers say that the population is being gassed with some unknown chemical for an unknown reason.
Like all conspiracy theories, “chemtrails” require us to accept the existence of a coverup of mammoth proportions. In this case, virtually every aircraft maintenance worker at every airport in the world needs to be either part of the conspiracy, or living under a threat from Men in Black.
If the goal was to drug or poison a population, you’d put the gas, chemicals, poison, etc where it could reach people, you wouldn’t release a minute quantity into a jet stream where it’s going to be diluted to undetectable levels and eventually rain into the oceans.
So far the arguments in favor of chemtrails don’t appear to be based on any kind of logic. They appear to be based on nothing more than imagined conspiracies and sightings of visible contrails, which are well understood, and are being left by planes every hour of the day over every city in the world, and have been for over 50 years.

Often times in this discourse you get a wide spectrum of different kinds of misconceptions, misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and outright falsehoods. The oddest is that people seem to think that contrails are some sort of new phenomenon, when as I just pointed out, we’ve been seeing them in the sky since the 30’s and have a photographic record of them.
The next problem is the ever-changing definitions of “chemtrails”, and how you can tell one from a contrail. Each “definition” gets modified and redefined as soon as the last one is debunked, thus the logical fallacy ‘shifting the goalposts’ is enacted.
One the most widely used claims is that they are spraying barium, or aluminum, or any other number of chemicals supposedly toxic to us. As this site demonstrates, none of these claims are true. More to the point, spraying them from 30,000 feet would be useless, since they would dissipate over a huge area and when they finally landed, they would be diluted into non-detectable, non-toxic amounts—and with the high-level winds, the odds are they’ll blow far away from where they are sprayed in the first place.

Aluminum is EVERYWHERE NATURALLY IN ABUNDANCE… LITERALLY... What a better way to scare the shit out of somebody than by telling someone the government is dropping Aluminum from the sky, everywhere you test you’re going to find it… Any burning of fossil fuels and coal will spread Aluminum into the atmosphere…


Text –

“Aluminum has been identified in at least 596 of the 1,699 hazardous waste sites that have been proposed for inclusion on the EPA National Priorities List (NPL) (HazDat 2008). However, the number of sites evaluated for Aluminum is not known. The frequency of these sites can be seen in Figure 6-1. Of these sites, 590 are located within the United States, 2 are located in Guam, 3 are located in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and 1 is located in the Virgin Islands (not shown). Aluminum is the most abundant metal and the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust, comprising about 8.8% by weight (88 g/kg). It is never found free in nature and is found in most rocks, particularly igneous rocks as aluminosilicate minerals (Lide 2005; Staley and Haupin 1992). Aluminum is also present in air, water, and many foods. Aluminum enters environmental media naturally through the weathering of rocks and minerals. Anthropogenic releases are in the form of air emissions, waste water effluents, and solid waste primarily associated with industrial processes, such as aluminum production. Because of its prominence as a major constituent of the earth’s crust, natural weathering processes far exceed the contribution of releases to air, water, and land associated with human activities (Lantzy and MacKenzie 1979). The behavior of aluminum in the environment depends upon its coordination chemistry and the characteristics of the local environment, especially pH. The major features of the biogeochemical cycle of aluminum include leaching of aluminum from geochemical formations and soil particulates to aqueous environments, adsorption onto soil or sediment particulates, and wet and dry deposition from the air to land and surface water. Generally, Aluminum is not bioaccumulated to a significant extent. However, certain plants can accumulate high concentrations of Aluminum. For example, tea leaves may contain very high concentrations of aluminum, >5,000 mg/kg in old leaves (Dong et al. 1999). Other plants that may contain high levels of aluminum include Lycopodium (Lycopodiaceae), a few ferns, Symplocos (Symplocaceae), and Orites (Proteaceae) (Jansen et al. 2002). Aluminum does not appear to accumulate to any significant degree in cow’s milk or beef tissue and is, therefore, not expected to undergo biomagnification in terrestrial food chains (DOE 1984). Similarly, because of its toxicity to many aquatic organisms, including fish, aluminum does not bioconcentrate in aquatic organisms to any significant degree (Rosseland et al. 1990). ”

So what do you think? A few hundred years of burning fossil fuels into the atmosphere isn’t going to make aluminum concentration even higher than it’s supposed to be? no matter where you test? Hhmmmm… Do you mean to tell me that if I want to do a “chemtrail” test that my data is completely messed up because Aluminum exists everywhere in abundance? That’s right… Testing for Aluminum is not proof of chemtrails… There goes a few hundred videos debunked… While we are on the subject of testing… Lets go for Barium.

A coal plant may produce 1.4million pounds of Barium every single year, even though there is a push for decommissioning in 2012 there are still 572 coal plants in operation in the US ALONE… that’s about 800 million pounds of Barium from coal plants per year in the US ALONE… Barium is not an indication of chemtrails, Barium has been a pollutant since the industrial revolution…

This list of additional weird claims and debunked hoaxes goes on and on, but ultimately it boils down to the question: if such a huge conspiracy really existed, and every country in the world, every military and commercial aircraft in the world, and every atmospheric scientist in the world is part of the conspiracy, why has it not leaked by now?
Like every other outlandish claim of conspiracy theories, they envision a world where clandestine top-secret organizations are constantly pulling the strings, and not once has anything leaked about them doing it, or anyone who knows of it come forward. This, despite the fact that we get constant revelations of actual secrets from the CIA and NSA and FBI and other organizations all the time, that no chemtrails were exposed in the Wikileaks affair, or any other person has come forward in an age where journalists are constantly digging for secret information.

Quote from Kyle Hill:

“The incognito infrastructure needed to conceal the chemtrail conspiracy would dwarf any other governmental agency. Millions of people—pilots, engineers, chemists, data analysts, and boots-on-the-ground hazmat teams—would need top-secret clearance for information that could never get out. If a chemtrail conspiracy were true, chances are you would run into a few involved in the cover up everyday. An effort to keep millions of mouths silent—to keep any information from pilots or participants out of the media—makes the NSA look like child’s play.

A chemtrail conspiracy comes with collateral damage. Many mechanics that work on crop dusters around the world are routinely, acutely poisoned by the chemicals the pilots seek to spread. If any significant percentage of the legion of mechanics needed to keep the chemtrail fleet flying had the same risk, literally millions of workers would come home poisoned. Spouses and significant others rush them to hospitals across the US, and the cause of this nation-wide plague never raises any eyebrows. No doctors file reports or do studies on the mysterious poisonings, no journalists ever get wind of something awry, and no police officers think a serial contaminator is on the loose. Even though every American would have a consistent chemical profile from any blood test, no one is the wiser. Every single piece of paperwork finds its proper place, deep in a file drawer of some bureaucrat keeping the lid on the chemtrail conspiracy.”

Given that we, as a society are lead and mislead and misdirected through manipulating our fears, Chemtrails are a leading contender of the list of misdirections within the “truth” movement as a whole, objectivity is required to interpret the information without fear.

It all started in 1996 when the military released a document called “Owning The Weather”

Two years later the psy-op disinformation campaign had begun. Given that a person has no idea what is going on all they have to do is come up with another assumption on why it’s being done… Rather than actually figure it out… If it was being done in the first place…

Another point to bring up is the fact that each of the fuels used by most aircraft are made up of thousands of different chemicals. If they want to kill us… They don’t have to add anything or deliberately spray, the military still uses JP8 fuel which is highly toxic… So all you have to do, is keep on flying.

As an example of fuel dumping…
Anytime a plane takes off and has any sort of issue right after takeoff it has to return and dump.

“Residents in the vicinity of Newark International Airport were complaining about the smell of gas Sunday afternoon after a Boeing 777 dumped 170,000 pounds of jet fuel into the air while preparing for an emergency landing. The plane, carrying 269 passengers bound for Tokyo, returned to the airport less than an hour after takeoff yesterday because of a “hydraulic problem.” But before it could touch down, it needed to lighten up by emptying its fuel tanks over the Garden State.”

Aircraft Pollution in tons per year over NYC alone.
Landing & Takeoffs (LTOs) 383,206 452,950
Volatile Organic Compounds 3,025 4,839
Carbon Monoxide 8,712 12,808
Nitrogen Oxides 5,729 9,574
Sulfur Dioxide 270 364

Excerpt taken from Popular science magazine in 1943:

“The assertion that the government is spraying noxious chemicals on its own people from high flying military aircraft needs some real substantiation than just reports of seeing contrails in the sky and claiming they are making people sick. While there have been reports of similar activity in the past, merely seeing a jet contrail in the sky does not prove anything.

Persistence of contrails is neither an indication that they contain some kind of chemical, nor that it is some kind of spray. As a matter of fact, sailors have known for years to look specifically at the patterns and persistence of jet contrails for weather forecasting. If a jet is flying through air at altitude with a low humidity, the moist air from the jet engine might produce a slight, short-lived contrail. These short-lived contrails are a sign that the weather will be fair. A thick, long-lasting contrail indicates humid air high in the atmosphere, and can be an early sign of a storm”

-Why Planes Make Vapor Trails
-Popular Science, March 1943. Page 55.

Very simply “chemtrails” have yet to have any valid substantiation in the past few decades, and would seem to be a largely unnecessary and ineffective manner of executing whatever nefarious governmental population poisoning scheme the “chemtrailers” come up with to explain why the government would waste so much manpower and resources to poison a population with “chemtrails” as opposed to, oh i don’t know, maybe the Water Supply of a population?

Moving on to the misunderstandings about HAARP, The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is a scientific research program designed to study the ionosphere of the Earth and its effects on communication.

The HAARP facility is essentially a large radio transmitter and antenna located in Alaska designed to operate in the shortwave band. The project began in 1993 and ran until roughly May 2013. It was initially funded by the Department of Defense in conjunction with the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). In 2014, the Air Force expressed plans to dismantle the facility unless it could locate an alternate source of funding.

Some non-scientists have criticized HAARP because it’s been used to conduct classified experiments, and they fear a similar device using more energy could be used as a weapon. It has also been criticized as a boondoggle costing many times more than its initial budget. But mostly, HAARP is a popular target for conspiracy theorists who believe that extremely low frequencies (ELFs) can be used for mind control and weather control — it’s even been blamed for the 2008 Chinese, 2010 Haitian, March 2011 Japanese earthquakes and 2014 southeast Europe floods.

When, in December 2012, the famous (and famously wrong) pseudoscientist Richard Hoagland took his joke Accutron experiment to Chichen Itza, Mexico, he reported that he had detected that HAARP was being used to prevent the planet from tipping over. That was just before he was ejected from the place by site security — an event that was entertainingly captured on video.

Its attraction to conspiracy theorists, its overextended budget and its sweeping scope make HAARP crankery similar to that generated — more recently — about the Large Hadron Collider, and we will touch on that later in this article.

“The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) — a subject of fascination for many hams and the target of conspiracy theorists and anti-government activists — has closed down. HAARP’s program manager, Dr James Keeney at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, told ARRL that the sprawling 35-acre ionospheric research facility in remote Gakona, Alaska, has been shuttered since early May 2013.”

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was initiated as an ionospheric research program, the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere. Other instruments, such as a VHF and a UHF radar, a fluxgate magnetometer, a digisonde (an ionospheric sounding device), and an induction magnetometer, are used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

Work on the HAARP facility began in 1993. The current working IRI was completed in 2007; its prime contractor was BAE Systems Advanced Technologies. As of 2008, HAARP had incurred around $250 million in tax-funded construction and operating costs. In May 2014, it was announced that the HAARP program would be permanently shut down later in the year. After discussions between the parties, ownership of the facility and its equipment was transferred to the University of Alaska Fairbanks in August 2015.

HAARP is a target of conspiracy theorists, who claim that it is capable of “weaponizing” weather. Commentators and scientists say that advocates of this theory are “uninformed”, as claims made fall well outside the abilities of the facility, if not the scope of natural science.

The HAARP project directs a 3.6 MW signal, in the 2.8–10 MHz region of the HF (high-frequency) band, into the ionosphere. The signal may be pulsed or continuous. Effects of the transmission and any recovery period can be examined using associated instrumentation, including VHF and UHF radars, HF receivers, and optical cameras. According to the HAARP team, this will advance the study of basic natural processes that occur in the ionosphere under the natural but much stronger influence of solar interaction. HAARP also enables studies of how the natural ionosphere affects radio signals.

The insights gleaned at HAARP will enable scientists to develop methods to mitigate these effects to improve the reliability or performance of communication and navigation systems which would have a wide range of both civilian and military uses, such as an increased accuracy of GPS navigation and advances in underwater and underground research and applications. This may lead, among other things, to improved methods for submarine communication or an ability to remotely sense and map the mineral content of the terrestrial subsurface, and perhaps underground complexes, of regions or countries. The current facility lacks range to be used in regions like the oil-rich Middle East, according to one of the researchers involved, but the technology could be put on a mobile platform.

The project was originally funded by the Office of Naval Research and jointly managed by the ONR and Air Force Research Laboratory, with principal involvement of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Many other US universities and educational institutions were involved in the development of the project and its instruments, namely the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Stanford University, Penn State University (ARL), Boston College, UCLA, Clemson University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, College Park, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MIT, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and the University of Tulsa. The project’s specifications were developed by the universities, who continued to play a major role in the design of future research efforts.
The project site (62°23′30″N 145°09′03″W) is north of Gakona, Alaska just west of Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. An environmental impact statement led to permission for an array of up to 180 antennas to be erected. HAARP was constructed at the previous site of an over-the-horizon radar (OTH) installation.

In America, there are two related ionospheric heating facilities: the HIPAS, near Fairbanks, Alaska, which was dismantled in 2009, and one at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico (currently offline for reconstruction). The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) operates an ionospheric heating facility capable of transmitting over 1 GW effective radiated power (ERP), near Tromsø, Norway. The Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, in Vasilsursk, Russia, near Nizhniy Novgorod, is capable of transmitting 190 MW ERP.

According to HAARP’s original management, the project strove for openness, and all activities were logged and publicly available, a practice which continues under the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Scientists without security clearances, even foreign nationals, were routinely allowed on site, which also continues today. HAARP hosts an open house annually, during which time any civilian can tour the entire facility. In addition, scientific results obtained using HAARP are routinely published in major research journals (such as Geophysical Research Letters, or Journal of Geophysical Research), written both by university scientists (American and foreign) and by U.S. Department of Defense research lab scientists.


CERN and the LHC

CERN, or the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is located near the city of Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is among the world’s largest particle physics laboratories, currently employing approximately 2500 staffers. It is also where Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (which should not be confused with the Internet).
As of 2010, scientists at CERN are currently using the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) to accelerate and collide particles, slowly pumping the power level up until it reached a massive 13TeV which happened in 2015. As a European scientific organization operating a lot of weird machinery, conspiracy theorists sometimes accuse CERN of various and nebulous nefarious activities. For example, a statue of the Hindu god Shiva as Nataraja was presented as a gift from India in 2004, and consequently was used as evidence for various batty claims — such as CERN trying to resurrect ancient “gods”, and no, that’s not a metaphor.

The Large Hardon Hadron Collider (LHC) is a kick-ass piece of scientific machinery designed to replicate conditions immediately after the Big Bang and also to search for other dimensions (as predicted by string theory), probe the existence of dark matter and search for the elusive Higgs boson particle (now found), which gives matter mass.
Guess what? It collides hadrons. And it’s pretty damn large. There are also other smaller projects to be conducted along with the main research. The LHC is located at the CERN facilty and is contained within a 27-kilometre-long (16.7 miles) tunnel that straddles the border between France and Switzerland. The Large Hadron Collider is the most complex scientific instrument ever built and the most powerful energy particle accelerator in the world.

The lead-up to the switch-on was a cause for concern among people who didn’t know all the physics. Some were worried that it would create a black hole and destroy the Earth. The black hole problem is potentially real, but cosmic rays that are more energetic than those produced by CERN regularly bombard Earth without ill effect. And just like all other matter, a black hole’s gravitational force is proportional to its mass, meaning that a microscopic black hole would not be able to somehow consume Earth or even consume a grain of sand. Additionally, the smallest black holes, such as those the LHC would allegedly create, have absurdly small theoretical lifespans: they would shrink to nothing via emission of Hawking radiation in tiny fractions of a second, as black holes have temperature inversely proportional to their mass.

Others (who’d probably been watching too much Stargate playing too much Half-Life) posited an alien invasion via an LHC-created wormhole. Another fear was that the entire Universe would undergo Total Existence Failure, although this is “infinitely” improbable. and according to one Walter L. Wagner, a high school teacher from Hawaii, the LHC had a 50% chance to destroy the Earth: either it would, or it wouldn’t. A further possibility put forward was that the Universe would vanish, to be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.
There are some, however, who think that this has already happened. The popularity of the TV series Ancient Aliens is potential evidence of this.


Manufactroversy – Manufactured Controversy: A manufactroversy, also known as a nontroversy, is a manufactured controversy.
A manufactroversy can be a form of denialism: pretending that a controversy exists over something which is, in fact, not in debate by anyone who has the slightest grasp of the facts, but which a number of people wish to deny for religious, political, or other reasons.
The usual motive for this is to attempt to give the appearance that the facts are still up for debate, à la anti-environmentalism. Another kind is the manufactured “scandal”: blowing a non-issue out of proportion. Often related to the “tell both sides” method of reporting, where only one side has any evidence, so the reporter searches out a crank just so they can tell another side.

Common examples:

Most damaging –

Half-assed stunts –

  • Obama citizenship denial. He produced his birth certificate, so they demanded his long-form certificate. When he coughed that one up, it was deemed to be fake. A double false flag operation, oldest trick in the Kenyan book.
  • Benghazi, which while a real and terrible event, was vaguely-gestured at as a scandal without much attention to what the exact wrongdoing was.
  • Chemtrails
  • The War on Christmas
  • Wind Turbine Syndrome
  • Piggate, a rumor about David Cameron that lots of people wanted to be true but there was no evidence for
  • Jeremy Corbyn‘s “treasonous behaviour” such as a tabloid scandal over his bowing technique (only in deferential Britain!) which mirrored the earlier Michael Foot donkey-jacket-that-wasn’t non-scandal of 1981
  • Non-issue yawners or other non-events being turned into the scandal of the week, particularly by 24-hour rolling news coverage needing to fill time when there’s no real news from your locale and no desire to pay attention to the rest of the world.
  • Any of many other moral panics, too numerous to list.

To take the first three examples, in order: evolution (together with common descent) is one of the best-tested and most successful scientific theories. There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism or any other harm, and overwhelming evidence that they save lives. Global warming is happening and can be measured, and the cause has consistently been proven to be human. However, how to mitigate it remains up for debate; interestingly, denialists tend to ignore this part.

Also to take into account is there is actual counter-intelligence agencies that spread disinformation and propaganda. There are numerous government agencies around the world who have histrionically and to this day still engage with disinformation and propaganda tactics to maintain domination, delusion and division among a population.
Where misinformation refers to inaccuracies that stem from error, disinformation is deliberate falsehood promulgated by design. Misinformation can be used to define disinformation—when known misinformation is purposefully and intentionally disseminated. Front groups are a form of disinformation, as they fraudulently mislead as to their actual controllers. Disinformation tactics can lead to blowback, unintended negative problems due to the strategy, for example defamation lawsuits or damage to reputation. Disinformation is primarily prepared by government intelligence agencies
The United States Intelligence Community appropriated usage of the term disinformation in the 1950s from the Russian dezinformatsiya, and began to utilize similar strategies during the Cold War and in conflict with other nations. The New York Times reported in 2000 that during the CIA’s effort to substitute Mohammed Reza Pahlavi for then-Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mossadegh, the CIA placed fictitious stories in the local newspaper. Reuters documented how, subsequent to the 1979 Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan during the Soviet–Afghan War, the CIA put false articles in newspapers of Islamic-majority countries, inaccurately stating that Soviet embassies had “invasion day celebrations”. Reuters noted a former U.S. intelligence officer said they would attempt to gain the confidence of reporters and use them as secret agents, to impact a nation’s politics by way of their local media.

In October 1986, the term gained increased currency in the U.S. when it was revealed that two months previously, the Reagan Administration had engaged in a disinformation campaign against then-leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi. White House representative Larry Speakes said reports of a planned attack on Libya as first broken by The Wall Street Journal on August 25, 1986 were “authoritative”, and other newspapers including The Washington Post then wrote articles saying this was factual. United States Department of State representative Bernard Kalb resigned from his position in protest over the disinformation campaign, and said: “Faith in the word of America is the pulse beat of our democracy.”

The executive branch of the Reagan Administration kept watch on disinformation campaigns through three yearly publications by the Department of State: Active Measures: A Report on the Substance and Process of Anti-U.S. Disinformation and Propaganda Campaigns (1986); Report on Active Measures and Propaganda, 1986–87 (1987); and Report on Active Measures and Propaganda, 1987–88 (1989).

The word Disinformation first made an appearance in dictionaries in 1985, specifically Webster’s New College Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary in 1985. In 1986, the term disinformation was not defined in Webster’s New World Thesaurus or New Encyclopædia Britannica. After the Soviet term became widely known in the 1980s, native speakers of English broadened the term as “any government communication (either overt or covert) containing intentionally false and misleading material, often combined selectively with true information, which seeks to mislead and manipulate either elites or a mass audience.”

By 1990, use of the term disinformation had fully established itself in the English language within the lexicon of politics. By 2001, the term disinformation had come to be known as simply a more civil phrase for saying someone was spouting lies. Stanley B. Cunningham wrote in his 2002 book The Idea of Propaganda that disinformation had become pervasively utilized as a synonym for propaganda.

Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented. Propaganda is often associated with material prepared by governments, but activist groups, companies and the media can also produce propaganda.

In the twentieth century, the term propaganda has been associated with a manipulative approach, but propaganda historically was a neutral descriptive term.
A wide range of materials and media are used for conveying propaganda messages, which changed as new technologies were invented, including paintings, cartoons, posters, pamphlets, films, radio shows, TV shows, and websites.

Sadly it seems that many “truthers”and conspiracy enthusiasts seem to forget that disinformation and propaganda usage are a tactic used specifically by governments to keep the population in control, divided, and purposefully dumbed down and distracted by delusion.
There are numerous conspiracy theories going around that are obvious disinformation campaigns, if one can engage critical thinking skills, logical deduction and/or even just fact check using a online search engine, one can become aware to the facts and objectively verifiable information about a topic as well as the pseudo-science and debunk bullshit already known and/or proven as such, this way to avoid falling into the same mistake of being a victim of these counter-intelligence tactics as countless others now being used as unwitting voluntary pawns in their own subservient domination and unknowingly spread the stupid in doing so.


We use a method that avoids Human Fallibility, that method is called the scientific method.

Science is an ever-emergent process of information integration and growth.
Let me first clarify what is meant when the term “science” is used:

The Scientific Method – is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena and/or the natural universe as we know it, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.
Consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, the formulation, testing, and modification of hypothesis.
Experiments need to be designed to test hypotheses.
The most important part of the scientific method is the experiment.
The scientific method is a continuous process, which usually begins with observations about the natural world.
Learn more about the scientific method here:
The Scientific Method

The Sciences consist of the STEM fields: (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)
– many different fields and sub-fields, using the scientific method to gain an understanding through repeatability and measure-ability of objectively verifiable actions/information.
Science is seemingly only limited by the amount of information received, or the ability of societal operating methods that could potentially hinder any sort of inquiries..

Agreed not All can conduct the experiments needed for subjective experience, since the funding for most studies comes from corporate / government backing, it is understandable to then get confused about biased science.

Biased science is a thing, yes, But biased science includes the funding of a study of something that is false and trying to spin it as true, or the funding of a study and then only a portion of the data is used for a specific end, usually being a profit maximization agenda.
The issue is Not the information and data obtained by the scientific method, but how that information and data are spun to a specific agenda by those who “claim” “ownership” of said ‘information’ and/or resource/s being exploited/extorted, which such actions are inherent within the paradigm of capitalism.

Technophobia can be justifiable under capitalist modus operandi, but in the same regard, that technology can also get us out of the need to rely upon capitalism if used correctly.

The information the the scientific method obtains, can of course be used for malicious purposes, but then It is not science, but the socio-economic system that is the issue.
Without any form of “science” we would have next to nothing.
Capitalism exploits everything. science just gives verifiable information and data, the corporations choose to use it for a specific agenda.

If one is able to utilize Critical Thought, then one can be able to Understand the Information being presented and know how to discern Fact from Fiction.
Who really cares about who is saying what?
When it comes to actual “Science”, opinions and Agendas mean jack shit.

When we use the term science, it is representative of a process, a method, a tool for understanding the “facts”.
The theories/theorem that come out of scientific processes can then be construed as an objectively verifiable truth/s.
Now why is that important?
If we understood how to understand something, then we could have a foundation of knowledge not built upon ignorance, but physically referential and objectively verifiable information.
And thus we would be able to advance as a species instead of destroy ourselves in blatant willful ignorance.

Written by:  Quae Frei

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