Peace earth-fam! For this Alternative Production of Relevancy our general topic will be Capitalism. Let’s see where you stand on it by the end of this 😉

 Here’s what some scientific studies are showing about a common capitalist requirement…

Here’s some of us talking on a NPR radio show out of Detroit, Michigan – in which the topic returned again and again to this monetary system for sure.

& here’s an article from us too on this topic:


Capitalism : `Illusion’ of “capital”/ “property”/ “ownership”

A societal economic growth system based upon constant competition to maximize profit gains utilizing infinite growth on a finite planet that inherently only semi benefits one percent of the human populace as a global societal operating construct.

This overall system utilizes many forms of oppression and false division as per a requirement of it’s smooth operation.

One of these oppressive systems is the “monetary system” – a system of trade based upon indebtitude. The money is made up as a loan from private corporations to the various governments who in turn issue the indebted money to the people and the debt (for any given loan) can never be paid off because of it’s all pervasiveness. So it is a inescapable form of debt slavery.

We use this system for our everyday life interaction and resource acquisition. We worship and kill for it. We would do almost anything to obtain those little pieces of fancy looking paper.

The socio-economic ideology in theory that is “communism” (an advanced form of “socialism”) would not be able to be enacted without eradicating the monetary system, as it is has been (under the system) hierarchical and “owned,” and therefore has yet to ever be enacted. As such “communism” in theory would not be sufficient for implementation in 2017 directly due to a few misconceptions to be touched upon shortly,  as well as understandable ignorance (considering the times the theories were publicly engaged) given on the part of the social systems theorists who published these works.

“Human Nature” is mentioned a few times in those texts and as such in 2017 we understand by way of a scientifically derived consensus on the fact that there is no such thing as “human nature” as some predetermined qualities of being that we all as humans share because of the way that we were “designed” by some delusion-of-separation based concept of a “creator” or an inescapably truncated interpretation of the “implications” of our evolution, but in fact we have human behaviour, which is dictated by the environment/s inhabited by any given individual. Even our genetic propensities are continuations of previous environments inhabited by our lineage, and only activated (or not) by the environments that we experience in our lifetimes.

Another understandable ignorance on the part of people who wrote these theories a hundred or so years ago, is that they did not understand the scope nor capacity of our current technologies and knowledge, therefore they didn’t have the tools to even begin to have envisioned what is necessitated by our current liminal time of existence.

All the same, the theoretical foundation of these ideas is part of what we (as co-creators of ThinkandAct.Earth [T&A.E]) are speaking upon when we say integral wellness as cooperative based growth.

However, we would like to further clarify that communism (in its theoretical form) was still based upon processes of governing human labour – and we are opposed to any sort of governance as well as over any sort of human “indebtitude.” We are about cultivating Freedom. Which means moving towards systems so efficient that no human labour is necessary for it’s functioning, unless so desired. Meaning all labour can be automated. There will of course be things for humans to do that could be quite productive towards and within that ends in the co-creation of an actual civilization for this species that is proactively synergetic with all of the existence that we encounter as a species.

But we are not going to hypothesize about all this here, there are sources that we provide throughout the website for free that explain these details in depth.

And although we do not align with any other particular source at this time, we promote the ideology presented which would be a further emerged, universalized, and simplified form of Communism / NLRBE (Natural Law Resource Based Economy) ideologies in theory.

But still even further our foundation (www.ThinkandAct.Earth) takes a few more steps in our detailing of effective, legitimate, and relevant micro/macro action oriented realization and actualization.

What we advocate, promote and enact is: “homesteading” within a global context through technical abundance from local, self reliant / sustaining individual and/or communities working together within a free access, open source technically advanced society in the form of maximizing renewable economic abundance that is building back the earth; while also regenerating and regrowing natural abundance, and implementing systems of symbiosis with the environment that is nourishing for humans and all of existence that we encounter, ever increasingly so. By this we would be basing the “economy” (household/earth management) on a Free Access, Open Source Natural Law Resource Based mindset, without any form of indebtitude for survival. That is, constantly maximizing the “funthreementals” (fundamental three optimizing concepts) technically efficient & restoratively sustainable integral wellness oriented resource production, distribution, and allocation from application of “technology” (anything that augments our experience of life, whether it be a [so-called] advanced, [so-called] primitive, or hybrid system) and programming specifically made for creating the funthreemental  systems on all levels and aspects;

Stemming from a value shift, from the forced and inculcated / indoctrinated values and ideals of capitalism and religion to that of Proposition, Advocation and Actualization of Technical Efficiency & Restorative Sustainability for Integral Wellness.

and here’s some memes, cuz you know, memes = truth in 2017.

So just a few ideas thrown out there, you know 😉
Thanks for reading/watching!
In solidarity with the process and in celebration of our collective potential,
the T&A.E team

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