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Authored by: L.G. Ivy

Secret Weapons:
The FCC’s Secret Strategy

“In the darkness of secrecy, sinister interest and evil in every shape,
have full swing. Only in proportion as publicity has place can any of
the checks, applicable to judicial injustice, operate. Where there is no
publicity there is no justice.”
Jeremy Bentham, (1748-1832)

America is a land of unique diversify blossoming from its engraved promise
of freedom, the pursuit of happiness and the freedom of the citizen to think
freely, communicate, learn, share, and prosper. Only in the hands of the
greedy and corrupt does our tool of creation become the weapon of
corruption and destruction that we currently are.

Our reality is a reality that can be changed only by the wills and actions of
free minds.

What is the FCC and why is ending Net Neutrality a danger to society?

FCC is an acronym for Federal Communications commission which was created
on June 19th of 1934. They were established to regulate communication for the military, emergency responders, other governmental agencies, and the public in
order to insure fairness and noninterference in communication’s. Their other
primary function was to break up communications monopolies. In 1934, the FCC
brought down the National Broadcasting company as they felt that the NBC had
become a powerful monopoly in the industry.

Over the decades, as America’s politician’s priorities and focus shifted from the
people to corporate favor, the FCC’s duties of protecting the peoples interest for
consumer access, fairness, and freedom of choice from the manipulation and
oppression of all too powerful communications corporations have pivoted to
appeasing and growing these corporations instead. This corruption of power is
how we as American citizens have found ourselves in this dangerous position of
not only becoming severely oppressed by unchecked and indulged corporations,
but also ultimately silenced in the cyber world as we’re censored out of our right
to free speech, independent journalism, and freedom of access to information.

As most citizens in America are aware, there is a clear correlation between
corporate money and political corruption. Lobbyist buy policies and political
favor in the forms of donations and incentives. These purchased policies often
resulted in the direct oppression or endangerment of American citizens. This
happened due to the passing of a bill that is ironically named “Citizens United”.

In 1998, Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the FCC, got his start as an attorney on a
justice department telecommunications task force for mergers and acquisitions.
Interestingly enough, Ajit Pai once worked for telecommunication giant Verizon
and immediately after began his rise up the political escalator.

Fast forward to today, Ajit Pai and the other commissioners of the FCC seem to
be determined to obliterate the societal protection that is Net Neutrality. This
prevents major communications companies from establishing an alliance of big
business monopolies that control access to the Internet. Losing Net Neutrality will
destroy the futures of millions of small businesses that depend on the enforced
freedom and safety of Net Neutrality to enable their businesses to grow and
prosper without monetary limitations.

Repealing net neutrality would be comparable to an all-out assault on the small
business economy that is the backbone of American society.

If this vote is allowed to pass, then communications corporations will be allowed
to section off and sell segmented access to the Internet and its channels of
communication such as:
Social media
Email/Cloud services
Music and MUCH MUCH more

This includes everything online that has come to be known as a societal
necessity. They’ll be able to sell access to these necessities as individual monthly

Portugal serves as the perfect example of the consequences that ending Net
Neutrality would create for American citizens and small business owners

This seems to be a big leap into an economic crisis as the FCC escalates the
corporate “war on the poor” in an already societally hostile economy.

This single action will cause millions of small businesses to fail as they find it
impossible to balance an already over extended budget with these new inflated
prices that they have no choice in paying, in order to gain access to the
functionalities of the Internet needed in order to keep their businesses in business. It will also prevent just as many small businesses from ever getting a fair

While the effects will be devastating, sadly, the corporatization of the Internet
doesn’t seem to be the sole endgame of this crusade to end Net Neutrality.
Through an analysis of political science and an in depth look at a history of legal
and political strategies, a determination was able to be made that the motives for
this destructively disruptive political action appears to point more toward the
probability of this “crusade” being used as a mask for a far more insidious task.
There is a pattern that exist to which the public should be paying a lot more

In both the distant and very recent past, whenever there is mass social activity or
a movement reinforced by a legal and constitutional right that threatens a spun
narrative or action taken by America’s mass of corporate indentured politicians,
there is suddenly a law passed blocking or severely limiting the public’s
expression of that right, or there’s a repeal voted on to serve the same purpose of
oppressing the publics expression of the rights that allow American citizens to
speak in favor of our own interest and oppose activities and policies that are felt
by the masses to not be in the best interest of American citizens and our society.

Below are a few examples:

The issue for elites is that these rights allowing for free speech and journalism are
more of a threat to the cloak of ignorance and fear used to control Americans for
over a century and these rights have never been more of sufficient threat than at
this moment in time, right now.

But can you guess why?

It’s the Internet.

Modern advances in technology have drastically moved up the time table and
resources for how, where and when Americans can receive their information.

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Independent
journalism has experienced a massive increase which has led to a governmental
lack of control of the information released for public consumption. This has
resulted in a colossal boom in social awareness, social and political activism,
Political discourse, legal knowledge, and platforms to express and share
progressive ideologies and other information crucial for the socially positive
progress of society.

Without being able to legally impede this spread of cyber freedom, information
and knowledge, corrupt politicians have decided to turn to a corporate alternative
as a solution. The FCC is prepping to follow a dangerous trend of enabling private
sector censorship. This puts the responsibility of censorship in the hands of
contracted and private corporations. It will allow corporations to censor out
information pertaining to political scandals, corporate violations, and whatever
other information the elites may not want to be for the knowledge of the public.

Here are a few more examples below:
Corporate bypass of rights and freedoms examples:

This means that corporations can be contracted by the government and other
private entities to censor or advertise certain information, making it possible to bypass constitutional law with corporate laws and rights. Many would assume this
would be illegal, and it would be if not for Corporate Personhood.

Corporate Personhood is an acknowledgement of the legal rights given to
corporations that entitle them to the same rights as an everyday flesh and blood
American citizen. Corporations often time receive more rights and favor than the
American citizens.

In 2007, Verizon attempted to block communication between members of a
prochoice/abortion group and their supporters under the grounds of this type of
communication being “controversial” or “unsavory” to the company’s personal
standards of what’s acceptable. Though this attempt wasn’t successful, many
other major telecommunications companies like Comcast, AT&T have been
accused of similar attempts to censor and regulate Internet traffic and bandwidth.
Allowing private telecommunications companies to wield this kind of power
unchecked will have a decimating effect on modern societies ability to
communicate, organize and function freely.

Fast forward to the FCC’s attempt to repeal net neutrality and it all starts to make
sense. By allowing the telecommunication giants to have free capitalistic reign of
the Internet, they not only insure that they can more effectively censor
information, they also insure that this action is legal and protected by passed bills
and the loophole of corporate personhood ensuring the corporation’s freedom of
speech to show only what they choose to endorse. Those with enough money to
pay for these inflated sectional services will have access to a controlled net of
information while the masses will lose access to any information other than what
is provided through corporate mainstream media outlets, which the FFC heavily
regulates as well.

This also means that a massive amount of the population that is below the
poverty line, which represents a massive percent of the majority of this nation’s
population, will no longer be able to access the Internet and all of the socially and
societally progressive information along with watchdog sites dedicated to
governmental transparency focused information and content provided by
independent journalist and activist websites like wiki leaks. This will also effectively put a halt on the ability of mass communication for social organizing,
outreach and activism.

In boxing and MMA terminology, ending net neutrality is a covert political K.O. to
the social progress of society. In chess, this would be considered a well
strategized checkmate. This move allows them to once again blanket society in a
sadly familiar cloak of mass ignorance. As we are all learning in light of our
growing social awareness, fear is the most effective tool and weapon for
controlling those who are ignorant of all they aren’t exposed to and can be easily
controlled by those who control the information.

“Ones Reality is subject to perception. Perception is the decision we are unaware
of making. What one is able to perceive, ultimately shapes what one will come to
(personal quote)

Could this be in line with what President John F. Kennedy tried to warn the
citizens of this nation about?

Now more than ever, it is crucially important for American citizens to realize the
power that our unity contains. Without the cooperation of the people, these
corporations have no power. Without the will of the people, these corrupted
politicians hold no offices and without the unity of the people, we will forever
remain victims to a game that we can never win due to the negative
consequences of our own inactions. Once one knows better, they now inherit the
responsibility to do better.

It’s time for us all to do better as citizens of the most wealthy and powerful nation
on earth. It’s time to effect actual positive change on not just our society and our
country, but to create a positive chain of cause and effect that will ripple around
the world. We mustn’t allow our ability to unify our voices to be stripped away
and censored down to nothing more than a mere whisper.

It’s time to take responsibility and become the captains of our own fate.

The way to do this is to make our voices so loud that we can never be silenced by
those who seek to conquer and divide our great nation of many. Contact your
senators and more importantly contact the commissioners of the FCC and their
staffs, whether it be by phone, email or through all of their individual social
media pages. Contact them and make them hear the voice of unity when you tell
them that we, the united citizens of the United States of America will no longer
allow ourselves to be oppressed and censored into silence. We the UNITED
CITIZENS of EARTH, WILL NOT allow our freedoms to be replaced with
corporate standards and bylaws

And most importantly, tell them that the ever-echoing voices of the UNITED

Freedom is never free. We must be willing to protect and defend our freedom,

Take action now.

Separate listing of the FCC Commissioners and staff
FCC Leadership and staff

Ajit Pai
FCC Chairman

Personal Staff includes:
~ Matthew Berry
Chief of Staff

~ Nicholas Degani
Senior Counsel

~ Michael Carowitz
Special Counsel

~ Nathan Leamer
Policy Advisor

~ Jay SchwarzWireline

~Alison Nemeth
Media Advisor

~ Rachael Bender
Wireless and International Advisor

~ Zenji Nakazawa
Public Safety and Consumer Protection Advisor

~ Lori Alexiou
Confidential Assistant

~ Kim Mattos
Acting Executive Assistant

~ Deanne Erwin
Executive Assistant~

Carlos Minnix
Staff Assistant

Mignon Clyburn

Staff includes:
~ David Grossman
Chief of Staff and Media Policy Advisor

~ Louis Peraertz
Senior Legal Advisor, Wireless, International, and Public Safety

~ Claude Aiken
Legal Advisor, Wireline

~ DeeAnn Smith
Staff Assistant

Michael O’Rielly

Staff includes:
~ Brooke Ericson
Chief of Staff, Press Contact, Legal Advisor, Media

~ Erin McGrath
Legal Advisor, Wireless, Public Safety and International

~ Amy Bender
Legal Advisor, Wireline

~ Susan Fisenne
Confidential Assistant
~ Ovonda Walker
Staff Assistant

Brendan Carr

Staff includes:
~ Jamie Susskind
Chief of Staff

~ Nirali Patel
Acting Legal Advisor for Media, Consumer Protection, and

~ Kevin Holmes
Acting Legal Advisor for Wireless and Public Safety

~ Drema Johnson
Confidential Assistant

 Jessica Rosenworcel

Staff includes:
~ Travis Litman
Chief of Staff and Senior Legal Advisor, Wireline and Public

~ Kate Black
Policy Advisor, Media

~ Umair Javed
Legal Advisor

~ Lashion Pratt
Staff Assistant

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Authored By:
~L.G. Ivy~


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