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APR #17 The myth of “reverse racism” explained.

I think i have to explain a bit about the common and annoying erroneous claims of "reverse racism" accusations and misconceptions going around..

APR #5 – on the topic of Capitalism.

Peace earth-fam! For this Alternative Production of Relevancy our general topic will be Capitalism. Let’s see where you stand on it by the end of this 😉

 Here’s what some scientific studies are showing about a common capitalist requirement…

Here’s some of us talking on a NPR radio show […]

APR #3 – Did you Know, Reading Recommendation, & Crystals

Hey Earth Fam!

Ok so all time-promises/constraints are out the door at this point for sure regarding when these APR’s will be offered. Life engaging these missions that we present here at Think and Act . Earth is just too dynamic for those type of time-commitments. All the same though, here’s a few interesting, beautiful, and […]

New Elements – Advice, Animals, & Alternatives (APR #2)

Hey Earth Fam!

Here’s a few new elements of APR that we’re trying out.

Please do let us know how these all are sitting with you. Any elements you like more then others? Anything you want to see? Let us know as a comment on the post or in our contact form here!

General Advice Column

When […]

An Introduction Video & a Spin Off Communication Tech (APR #1)

So here it is!  Our introduction video. The first of many I’m sure. And a first all the same!!


This video is a conversation being held between three of the co-creators of the ThinkandAct.Earth foundation.

And it is also our hopes that it will be the seed for many conversations – between […]

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Further Transparency Statements, A Tech Set, & Story-Time (APR #0.1)

So, we know, we know. We said we’d have an introduction video today.

And we will have that video to you, but Wednesday.


Until then, here are a couple more reoccuringly-themed elements of APR for your reading/viewing pleasure.

A General Tech Set







Story Time – A Contextualized Climate Fiction Share

So, the relevancy of our productions and, […]

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New Sign Up Options & Transparency Statements (APR #0)

Hey All (subscribers, followers, awesome people!)

We’re revving up to put out our first “official” Alternative Production of Relevancy (APR) this Monday with an introduction video.

But until then we wanted to check in with those of you who’ve signed up recently and with those of you who signed up previously to acknowledge/bring-attention-to the new […]

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Gratitude and Explanations

Hey everyone who recently subscribed to our ThinkandAct.Earth website productions!!

Much gratitude! 🙂

If you haven’t subscribed (maybe someone else awesome shared this post with you) and you are wanting to link in, go to www.ThinkandAct.Earth/#subscribe to join the fun 😉



Many of you subscribed to our work/play because of this […]

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