APR #16 What is “Geo-engineering”

Not a day goes by in the virtual realm of social media that you do not see at least one post about “geo-engineering, chemtrails, HAARP, CERN, etc”.
You might even be well versed in science literacy and/or in the correlating studies in this topic and therefore […]

APR # 15 Think and Act


What we propose, advocate, and enact as ThinkandAct.Earth / #TAE | United Citizens of Earth / #UCE | Freeing Systems Co. / #FreeingSystems:
The methods, steps and processes necessary to begin to co-create a societal operating manner based upon symbiosis and sustainability. […]

APR #13 Biotecture



1. The profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their symbiosis and sustainability.

2. A combination of biology and architecture.

Through ‘Biotecture’ we will be exploring alternative architecture and building techniques for their pros and cons as they relate to sustainability and the natural […]

APR #11 The Enforcement of Oppression

Those that choose to engage, support or enable  any form of oppression, especially for profit from the exploitation and extortion, manipulation and coercion, and the kidnapping and murdering of their fellow humans, are disgusting, irrational, ignorant, usually arrogant and severely mentally disturbed […]

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APR #9 What is Biased Science

What is Biased Science?

Science is an ever-emergent process of information integration and growth.
Let me first clarify what is meant when the term “science” is used:

The Scientific Method – is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena and/or the natural universe as we […]

APR #7 | The FCC’s Secret Strategy

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Authored by: L.G. Ivy

Secret Weapons:
The FCC’s Secret Strategy

“In the darkness of secrecy, sinister interest and evil in every shape,
have full swing. Only in proportion as publicity has place can any of
the checks, applicable to judicial injustice, operate. […]

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