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Human Fallibility – A Compilation Series

Book 1 – ParadoxBook 2 – Fallacy Book 3 – Bias

Human Fallibility – A Compilation Series

Book 1 – Paradox

Are you a curious person?

Do you enjoy reading about interesting, complex, deep, hilarious, and wonderful ideas?

Do you adore even more sharing those ideas?

Well, then you’ll probably want to read this book and add it to your personal collection!

Filled with many of the human species’ most profound scientifically supported paradoxes, feast your mind on that which just is and is not in all of the best ways.

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Human Fallibility – A Compilation Series

Book 2 -Fallacy

Have you ever had a conversation that just didn’t seem logical, but maybe you couldn’t pinpoint why or how?

Then you may be experiencing a Fallacy.

This book can help you to not only be aware of these fallacies, but show you how to avoid them, thus optimizing your cognitive abilities.

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Human Fallibility – A Compilation Series

Book 3 – Bias

We all enact them, we are all victim to them, they are a major contributing factor to the many forms of Human Fallibility; they are Cognitive Biases. 

This text is for anyone who is interested in finding ways to become more aware about the topic of cognitive biases, and how they affect our daily life. As well as how one can begin to De-bias and implement the proven methods available to avoid being a victim of & or enacting any of these biases.

This book is a wonderful educational text and reference guide to this very important subject!

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About the Author

Quae Frei (Pronounced: ‘Koo-aye’ ‘Free-aye’); Is a self-taught individual, who desires to learn and spread knowledge and wisdom to others. As to possibly help affect and co-create the foundational changes necessary for a transition of culture away from oppressive constructs of the past and of today, to social systems that could allow for a more authentic freedom and symbiosis for all life involved.

Since 2015 he has mainly offered this support through the social medium of his Facebook page: United Citizens of Earth (#UCE). UCE has had a reach of up to over a million people weekly and steadily increased to 83K+ likes until it’s growth was capped due to an algorithm shift from FB to generate more “customers” by making it very difficult to “organically” reach users if one doesn’t pay to advertise or be “sponsored” by FB.

He offers support for wide-range critical thinking and personal effectiveness alignment.

Quae has garnered these capacities of research, discernment, and application by way of living a very dynamic life that required such abilities for basic survival, while also having certain early-environment based proclivities towards authentic self-direction.

Three years prior to starting the project of UCE these capacities were further developed when Quae focused, as the sole engagement of his life, towards the purpose of figuring out what consists of “effective societal change”, and began studying quite intensely into a myriad of topics and subjects towards that end.

Currently Quae is continuing to work on this human fallibility compilation series (check out Book 1 ‘Paradox’, Book 2 ‘Fallacy’, Book 3 ‘Bias’), as well as different projects and productions involved within his chosen path of self-direction, and he still continues to consistently engage the public through the medium of UCE on the social media platform.

Quae is also participating in the co-creation of tools and techniques towards effective societal change towards collective freedom through the mediums of www.ThinkandAct.Earth (the conceptual presentation / foundation / realization side), and (database / steps & processes / the actualization side).