New Sign Up Options & Transparency Statements (APR #0)

Hey All (subscribers, followers, awesome people!)

We’re revving up to put out our first “official” Alternative Production of Relevancy (APR) this Monday with an introduction video.

But until then we wanted to check in with those of you who’ve signed up recently and with those of you who signed up previously to acknowledge/bring-attention-to the new ability to choose between daily-ish and weekly-ish email groups.

For those of you who signed up before this option was available, we wanted to let you know that we’ve signed you all up for the daily-ish group. But if for some reason that’s too many emails, we wanted to be sure to let you know that there is another option, and that if you wanted to be in that other “weekly-ish” group just write us here and let us know.

The weekly-ish group will just be a culmination of all of the posts from the week in one post/email, so you wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on anything if you chose that option.

Also, to engage those that signed up for the daily-ish group already or signed up before and have been anxious to see what we bring forward…we wanted to be sure to say directly that our productions are on the way!

But until then, here’s a little taste to hold y’all over 😉


Some musical jams within the topic of censorship:


Some musical jams within the topic of breathing:


& Four exciting technical systems

For cultivating Our Integral Home organized into free-access, do-it-yourself, product, and potential:

1. Free access:

2. Do it yourself:

3. Product

4. Potential:

Thanks again for subscribing, more coming oh-so-soon!


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