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Project Description

This ATL Example

“This urban foraging program is giving fresh fruits and veggies to 1,000s of people in need and it’s all food that would have gone to waste. Millions of Americans have little to no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Concrete Jungle is changing that by giving out freshly picked produce for free! They harvest fruit from public and residential trees in Atlanta. They also “glean” farms, by harvesting fruits and veggies that would have been left in the field to rot. At many farms up to half the food grown goes to waste and this group is part of the solution. All of the work is volunteer based with only one part-time staff. For volunteers it’s a chance to spend time outside and see how food comes from nature, not from the store. They have their own farm too and everything grown there is donated to people with little access to fresh food. Since 2009 they have harvested over 25,000 pounds of food. That is about 100,000 servings of fruit and veggies! And they have fed thousands of people!”


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