Natural Pool DIY


Natural Pools allow nature to provide hygienic water for swimming. The vibrant ecology of plants and animals condition the water so there is no need for any chemical disinfectants.These pools are healthy for people and wildlife. In fact the water quality in a natural pool is so good, many are well within drinking water standards, [...]

BioLite Outdoor & Off-Grid Cooking Oven


The BioLite CampStove generates usable electricity for charging LED lights, mobile phones, and other personal devices. Burning only wood, the CampStove creates a smokeless campfire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes. Setup is easy, fuel is free, and flames are hyperefficient with performance on par with white gas stoves. Learn more and [...]

Support for Being Omnivore


  Animal vs Plant Protein – What’s the Difference? (Article) Amino Acids, Proteins, & Vitamins, the difference between meat and vegetable. Why Can't You Digest Grass? The Deal with Protein The Vegetarian Myth (Book) PDF here Amazon here The Deal with Fat Open Cages and Closed Minds: Veganism as Ultradomestication (facebook note) I don't align [...]

Supermeat – Meat grown in a lab.


"Really REAL MEAT. Cultured in a replicated environment. Grown in a completely different method than other cultured meats. Tastes exactly the same. No animals harmed. Help us make real change with real meat, join the cause!" Learn more here.