Permaculture Bus Tours


This 2016 Sustainable Living Tour is an example. The idea is simple though, get a few buses (particularly made into comfrotable riding spaces) and travel around with others, as a tour to different permaculture (or aligning concepts) communities and events.   Save

Organizations for Grants


Grace Foundation What they fund: Practical Models - Research into regional autonomy and regenerative practices in water, food and energy to be applied in model peace villages and humanitarian aid interventions. Healing Love - Applied research in and teaching of the core values and capacities for a love-based culture. Education & Training - Sharing knowledge [...]

Supermeat – Meat grown in a lab.


"Really REAL MEAT. Cultured in a replicated environment. Grown in a completely different method than other cultured meats. Tastes exactly the same. No animals harmed. Help us make real change with real meat, join the cause!" Learn more here.

Festivals, Gatherings, & Concerts


Save Festivals & Concerts November 11.3-6.2016 | Reno, Nevada - Off Beat Festival February 2.10-2.13.2017 | Alexandria, Virginia - Interfusion Festival Past Events June 6.2-4.2016 | Mariposa, California -  The Untz Festival 6.3.2016 | Chicago, Illinois - Doomtree Concert 6.4-5.2016 | Seattle, Washington - Dream Big, Go Tiny, tiny house building course tour 6.5-7.2016 | [...]



From Homegrown Hydroponic's website: "hy•dro•pon•ics Noun: The process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid (or other mediums), with added nutrients but without soil. Hydro is Latin for water and Ponos means works or labor. Water works! The main principles of hydroponics are increased oxygen to the root zone and liquid feed delivered directly [...]