Maya Pedal – Pedal Powered Machines


Maya Pedal - Pedal Powered Machines Bicimáquinas are pedal-powered machines that assist with a variety of jobs in the home, on the farm, on the road and in small businesses. Each bicimáquina is handmade in our workshop using a combination of old bikes, concrete, wood, and metal. So far, we have developed several original designs [...]

Form Labs 3D Printer

2016-11-10T00:09:21+00:00 We go in-depth with the Formlabs Form 2 SLA desktop 3D printer, which creates models by curing resin, layer by layer with a laser. Sean and Norm have been using the printer for the past few months, stress testing its new resin materials, print resolution, software, and cartridge-based resin. Here's how Form 2 compares [...]

Loomio – Virtual consensus tool.


"Loomio is open source software, built by a worker-owned cooperative social enterprise...We believe that more groups practicing effective, inclusive decision-making can change organisational dynamics at a global scale. Loomio exists to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to participate in decisions that affect their lives." Learn more and purchase here.

Organizations for Grants


Grace Foundation What they fund: Practical Models - Research into regional autonomy and regenerative practices in water, food and energy to be applied in model peace villages and humanitarian aid interventions. Healing Love - Applied research in and teaching of the core values and capacities for a love-based culture. Education & Training - Sharing knowledge [...]