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Story Time – A Contextualized Climate Fiction Share

So, the relevancy of our productions and, thus, our foundation – Think and Act . Earth is: cultivating global home, that is, free-access by way of efficiency and sustainability for integral wellness. We focus on this for many reasons. One of those reasons is the potentiality of supporting a more ease-full transition from the monetary system for the masses. Yes, even the people that won’t get this until they are forced to by their conditions. We think, in approaching every element of life from these three principles -towards this overall action based solution, we can create this much needed cushion in a very real way by our most self-directedly authentic and bio-regionally relevant ever-emerging methods.

But this idea is much easier to integrate when approached from different textural perspectives. And this is where this climate fiction story “Sunshine State” written by Adam Flinn & Andrew Dana Hudson comes in. It gives a potentiality of our future climate (both ecological and sociologically) in a way that feels to us not only highly plausible, but inspirationally empowered and quite enjoyable to read. This is a story that gives an example of what we think could come about from what we’re engaging and presenting of focusing, unveiling, and emerging by way of efficiency & sustainability for integral wellness.

Enjoy story time 🙂

Read the pdf in a new window here. Read the story within its “original” anthology here.


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